Saturday, September 20, 2008

Out Here On The Precipice.

Neil Campbell, Faultline @ Marianne Boesky Gallery

1. Walk into the gallery and go, "Hmmmm. OK.". 2. Walk into the curtained back room and have your head ripped off. 3. Walk back out into the main room and look at what unimpressed you on the way in. It shifts a little. 4. Walk back into the curtained room and check out the different shades of color that you missed the first time while your head was being ripped off. Neo-Geo paintings in the ether, man. In the end and in the corners, this show is really a stunner. This is the wonderstuff.


Anonymous said...

i count this as one of the most boring and pretentious shows in all of chelsea up right now.

Heart As Arena said...

I'm not sure how this is pretentious or boring, anon. I saw it for my second time yesterday and loved it all over again. And while I've been there I've watched everybody else enjoy it as well, especially kids. And if there's a group of art viewers with a bullshit detector it's the young 'uns.

I think it's effects are incredibly direct and free of pretention. That's not to say that it's simple in it's application. I think that that must have been tricky as hell to get right. There are 100 artists who could have done this badly. This is not done badly.

Oly said...

Really good pick here, BB. (though, sorry-- I love Ms. Brown always)

By any chance didja see his floating black dot in the Dalrymple summer group show there at Ivan Boesky Gallery??
Hope so.
It was stunning.
Made Bridget Riley look simplistic comparatively.


Heart As Arena said...

Oly. Yer bummin' me out. I didn't see that. And Ms. Brown. I WANT to like her work, but then I never do when I look at it for more than 15 seconds.