Sunday, September 14, 2008

Not A Hat.

On Saturday I stopped in at Commes Des Garcon to see if there were any new fragrances. There were a bunch, but the one that really stood out isn't going to be released 'til Tuesday (Heh. I said, "'Til Tuesday".). I was lucky enough to get to check it out ahead of time though because the people at the Chelsea shop are so damn nice. A collaboration with Stephen Jones Millenery, it's a sweet and rooty concoction that rests on a delicious edge of olfactory disorientation. Like all my CdG faves there's an initial scent that hits you, and then the layers around it unfold and it becomes something else and something even better. Appropriate for our times, the exquisite design of the bottle and its box gives off the feel of a widow's hat. Just imagine that the widow is Ann Magnuson and you've got the picture. Yu-um. Yuh-uhm . . . hmmm.

Brill, baby, brill!

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