Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Do NOT miss Creative Time's political art extravaganza, Democracy in America: Convergence Center at Park Avenue Armory, at the always-breathtaking Armory. There's so much amazing stuff here you'll practically explode. Tomorrow night one of my art heros, Karen Finley, will be kicking ass before the Guerilla Girls take the stage. This shit is urgent, kids. It's up every day through Saturday from 12 to 10 pm. Having some trouble with Blogger and the sudden suckiness of their third-party blogging function so I'll be posting some Creative Time-related posts here and then moving them over to my Creative Time blog when things get straightened out.

Last December when Anne Pasternak announced that Creative Time was embarking on a journey into the heart of darkness to discover what democracy means these days, I don't think she could have imagined that it was going to get this bad. But here the hell we are, and CT is, as ever, on top of it.

The stand out in a show of stand outs in the show is Sharon Hayes. Whew! This is what all political art should do. It works on the political and personal levels. I mean, I burst into tears Faultline. The ledge that drops the viewer into the deep silence of the final section is just crushing. Overwhelming and beautiful. Where do we go from here? I don't know, but now the ride feels a little less lonely.

Oh, and when you leave the Armory shout and holler, just to piss off Mike Wallace.

NOTE TO SELF: Next time Creative Time has cocktails in conjunction with Brooklyn Museum’s Contemporary Arts Council, Guggenheim’s Young Collector’s Council, MoMA’s Junior Associates, P.S.1’s Student Body, Studio in a School Associates, and the Whitney Contemporaries . . . dress better. Leave those shorts (In September no less!) and Xasthur t-shirt at home. Heh-heh.

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