Thursday, September 04, 2008

My Campaign Pledge.

Boyce Cummings, Black Trumpet

Every year I end up wanting to hurt myself after making the rounds of Chelsea's first-big-Thursday-night-of-the-season art orgasm, and then I complain about it to you. This year, I promise I'm only going to one opening, the duel opening at Denise Bibro for Nancy Baker along with the group show, Animus Botanica, featuring Boyce Cummings, Christopher Reiger, and Amy Ross. I've already mentioned how much I dig Nancy Baker's work, but I'm also jazzed to see more work from Boyce Cummings. One night. One opening. Done. Anyway, the real fun is going to be had on the LES on Sunday afternoon. But you knew that.

Nancy Baker, Waiting For My Prince

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rebel belle said...

Hey Brent. I am beyond flattered. Thanks, and thanks again. Next time I come to NY, let's actually hang out and TALK!